Android Secret Codes and Hacks

Learn Android Secret Codes and Hacks for your Android Device

android secret codes


Android is the most used operating system in the world with billions of users across the globe. With technological advancement, some hidden knowledge about Android devices both smartphones and tablets has been exposed and discovered. However, even with this wealth of knowledge, a lot of secrets are left unhidden in your mobile device and this article helps you uncover more of these secret codes and hacks by just calling some shortcodes.

Why are Secret Codes Important?

A lot of mobile devices have hidden features and functions that an average user will not know. Android devices hold a lot of information about the hardware and system of the device that might be impossible or difficult to gain access to. With the Android secret codes, users can factory reset their devices without requiring outside help or paying anyone to do it. With this information, you can back up your data, find out your device’s hidden camera information, uncover your device’s call forwarding information, etc. These codes are the metaphoric ‘backdoors’ and they give you access to several features. There is a high probability that you would not need to use a lot of these features, however, some would come in handy and you cannot predict which of the features would come in handy for you in the future.

What are these Codes?

These quick codes are Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) and they are extra protocols that give people access to hidden features. This USSD protocol helps you to access hidden functions and features that you might never have known existed on your smartphone and you get access to this just through your device’s dialer. These hidden features are backdoors or backchannels that allow users to communicate directly with the computer of their service providers and it also allows users to gain access to back-end features on their phones or tablets. These codes usually begin start and end with either the * or # key or both and a sequence of numbers between. The sequence of numbers could be as short as 2 or as long as 5 or more. Below, we discuss some of these codes:

Display your IMEI:

The first code we would like to share is the one you can use to get your IMEI number without having to remove your battery or open the back of your phone. To access this information, you type in *#06#. When you type in this code, tap the green call button to get your IMEI number. A device IMEI is unique to that device. The IMEI number performs some functions which include blacklisting stolen devices and helping with customer support.

Check if Your Call is being Forwarded and to Which Number:

To check your call forwarding and check which number your device forwards calls to when you are unavailable or busy or when you reject a call. Usually, your call forwards by default to your carrier’s voicemail service. However, it can be changed to forward to a different number like your home number or your office number. To access this, simply dial *#67# and tap the green dial button to check your call forwarding. You can get more information about your call forwarding by dialing *#61#. This code will prompt a pop-up that would explain how long it would take until a call is forwarded to the message center.

⦁ Hide your caller ID:

For a reason or another you could have wished you had a way to hide your caller ID: there is a way to do this seamlessly. The fastest means is to dial these numbers – #31#. This would disable your caller ID. Dialing this code will prompt a pop-up stating that the Caller ID for your device has been disabled. The implication of this is that until you enable this Caller ID, all the calls you make after you dial the code above will not show your caller ID. Therefore, there is a need to pay extra attention when you dial this code. In other words, ensure you enable your caller ID when you are done making the calls that you wish to hide your caller ID. If you forget to enable your caller ID, it means that all the other calls that you make will hide your caller ID. To enable and reinstate your caller ID, dial *32#.
⦁ Activate call waiting: Sometimes you could be on a call on your device while someone else is calling you at the same time. You can activate call waiting so that you can be notified about the second call and it is then left to you to decide if you will rather pick the second call while you promise to call the first caller back or to ignore the incoming call and focus on your present call. It all depends on your preference but you need to have the chance to make that choice. Therefore, to activate call waiting, type *43# on your mobile device and tap the green button to activate it. You can also deactivate call waiting by dialing #43#.
⦁ General Test Mode: This prompts a collection of different operations on your Android device and this can be operated with a single push. The code to access this is *#0#. This has an extension for Samsung Galaxy users and this is by dialing the code *7353#. This code works similar to the general test mode but this is for Samsung Galaxy devices. When this code is dialed, it displays a menu with several one-tap tests prompts.

Interesting Hacks on Mobile Devices

As earlier stated, android is the most popular operating system for mobile devices. This could be traced to the fact that Android is open-source and flexible. It also makes a lot of applications available to developers and this is another advantage this has.

Using an Android device offers you a lot of benefits and numerous possibilities can be enjoyed. However, to get the maximum utility for your device, there are some hacks that you need to know and we discuss some of these hacks below: These hacks will help you better utilize and maximize your Android device and also change the way you use your smartphones. With these hacks, you do not have to go through a long process to access some features and functions. Find these hacks below:

android hacks

⦁ Find my Android Device hack:

If you have had to deal with iPhone users, you would most likely have had to endure their boast about how secure their devices are owing to the “Find My iPhone” features that iPhones have. Well, worry no more! You can also find your Android device that has been stolen or misplaced. You can use this hack with ease. This hack has an added advantage; it allows you to lock your phone remotely. Therefore, if your phone were to be stolen, you can block it remotely. When you block your phone this way, you are blocking the thief’s access to all the confidential data that you have on the device. Therefore, your confidential and useful information is secured from third parties. If the need ever calls for it, you can equally erase everything on the phone through this “Find My Device”. Hack. To do this, go to your “Settings” and tap on the “Security and Location” icon. Please note that “Security and Location” could vary on various devices. When you select the “Security and Location” option, tap on the “Find my Device” icon, turn the feature on, and set a location for accurate tracking. You can go to the “Device Admin App” and tap on “Find My Device”. The device admin app can be activated to automatically delete everything on the device without warning when the phone is stolen or lost. Therefore, read the permissions thoroughly first before you activate the Device Admin App.

⦁ Privacy hack:

If you like to maintain your privacy without other people scrolling through your messages or other items on your device, there is a hack to use to protect your personal space and privacy. So, how do you keep third parties out of your devices? Go to settings and select “Security and Location”. Tap on screen pinning and enable the feature (there are instructions on how to do screen pinning. Press the “overview” button and you will see a pin icon on the bottom right. Tap on the app you want to pin. If you wish to unpin it, you would need to press the back button and the Overview key together for one or more seconds, or too could enter your passcode. You can then transfer this to your other apps.


To get the most value from your smartphones or tablet, these secret codes and hacks will come in handy. We know it is likely you had never heard of these secret codes or hacks until you read this article. Not to worry, that is what we are here for. There are several other hacks and codes but we shared the ones that are immediately useful to you and are applicable. We hope you enjoy putting them into practice.

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