How to Find Network Security Key on My Android Phone?

How to Find Network Security Key on My Android Phone?

The growth of the internet and technology has brought numerous changes. With this new digital age, online users have more tools and digital services to access the internet. Smartphones have become a vital device for running our daily activities, whether accessing, texting, or managing your business. Android phones can easily connect on the internet by using a cellular network or Wi-Fi network. When connecting to a Wi-Fi network, one will have to enter a network password and keys. For Android users, you may be wondering how to find network security key on my Android phone? Then you have come to the right place.

What is a Network Security Key?

Before you can learn how to find your network security key, it would be best to understand network security and what it can do.

A network security key is a particular type of network passphrase and password, which can inform biometric data, physical or digital signature password. The password is mainly used to allow the user to have limited authorization to use the wireless network once they request to connect.

A network security key will create a secure connection between the client and the system serving the wireless device users, such as a router. This is a security measure that prevents unwanted access to the network. 

Security keys are also used in other areas, include online banking, online shopping, OTP (one-time-password), email access, and any other network device.

Types of Network Securities 

When you try and access a specific wireless connection, you will see different types of network securities that can be used to access a network through your smartphone. The most common types of network securities used for authorization include the following:

WEP – WEP or wired equivalent privacy is a type of encryption that uses a 40-bit key. In WEP, two kinds of authentication are used, shared, and open system key authentication. In shared key authentication, the client used the WEP passphrase, and a four-way challenge handshake process is done. In the open system, the client will need to use network credentials to access the network server. The WEP key is the only needed decryption required. WEP is the earliest and the most used key; however, it provides encryption and security.

How to Find Network Security Key on My Android Phone?
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WPA – WPA or Wi-Fi protected access is one that highly depends on the validation key. The exchange of data between the server and the client is usually in an encrypted form. For the client and server to start communication, one will need to enter a security key. It uses a TKIP (temporal key integrity protocol) for security measures.

WPA2 – It similar to WPA but is much more secure. WPA2 uses different keys, which are the AES (advanced encryption standard) for security measures.

WPA and WPA2-Personal encryption is mainly used for small networks, for example, in your home or small business. WPA and WPA2-Enterprise is a much more secure network and provides mostly network access in large business organizations.

How to Find Your Password in Android Device 

So, how to find network security key on my android phone?  The following steps will enable you to reach your security key on your android phone.

Settings application

A network security key enables you or any other person to use your phone for a wireless connection. Therefore, to use my phone to access a wireless connection like a Wi-Fi hotspot, I or any person needs authorization.  In this case, the network security key is what you need. We often find Passwords and security pins are in the settings application for any gadget and the Network Security Key is not an exception.  So, the first stop while looking for a Network Security Key is the settings application.

 Network and internet

After you have tapped on your settings application on my android phone, a new window will appear.  You will see a set of options in the new window, including the network and internet option. My next step is to select the system and internet option.

Hotspot and tethering

On opening the network and internet window, a variety of options will pop up.  Depending on the type of android phone you own, you will scroll down to hotspot and tethering.  You will then open hotspot and tethering.

Set up Wi-Fi hotspot

You can see different choices like USB tethering, Bluetooth tethering, and Wi-Fi hotspot.  To set up my Wi-Fi hotspot, you select the Wi-Fi and hotspot option.  My selection leads me to a different window with an opportunity to set up a Wi-Fi hotspot.  You then choose to set up a Wi-Fi hotspot.  You can see a new window under the ‘Set up Wi-Fi hotspot’ title.

What you now need to do is scroll through the available options.  While scrolling down, network name, security, and password options are in my view.  You continue scrolling to find an option to show the password.  After giving the show password command to my android phone, You head back to the password section.  Instead of the dots that you viewed before on the password box, the network security key is visible as a set of different characters.  These characters are often a mixture of alphabetical letters and numbers.

Benefits of Network Security Keys 

The main reason for network security passphrase is to ensure that users on the network are safe, and their information is secure. Having a secure wireless network will prevent numerous types of online threats. Network security keys help keeps online users from the following:

  • Piggybacking – This takes place when one connects to a poorly protected wireless network. The owner of the system can access user information without their knowledge.
  • Wardriving – Users can connect to poorly secured networks and compromise the information on the other connected individuals.
  • Evil twin attack – Refers to creating a false network to resemble a legitimate one. This is commonly used to steal user’s data without their data.

These are some of the security threats one expose themselves when connecting to a poorly secured network.

Now that we have answered how to find network security key on my android phone? You can utilize it in creating a secure network and ensure that users on the network safely share data. 

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